Enhance your love life by revealing each other's fantasies. Kindu helps you to communicate openly about your deepest desires while eliminating the fear of embarrassment with a robust set of relationship, romance and intimacy ideas.

Kindu is available for the iPhone/iPod Touch and Google Android.

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Using Kindu is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Just rate each idea as either "definitely," "no thanks," or "maybe-open to discussion."

  2. Next, let your partner privately rate the same series of ideas.

  3. Then, Kindu cross-matches your responses and lists the ideas you both rated as "It's a Match" or "Maybe: Open to Discussion," which means a slight interest or a willingness to try if the partner is interested.

The beauty is if your partner gives a "no thanks" to something that you rated positively, then they will never know. Therefore with Kindu, your secrets are safe. Kindu only reveals those fantasies that both you and your partner are always wanting to try.

Soon you'll find out if your partner is up for that adventure you've always fantasized about but were too embarrassed to ask.

Kindu is great for new couples looking to test the waters and for long-term couples looking for some fresh ideas.

  • Over 600 relationship, romance and intimacy ideas for your relationship
  • Fun, playful, flirty, inquisitive and intimate relationship ideas to explore and improve your adventure together.
  • Archived match lists with favorites option.
  • Passcode protection
  • Reset function
  • New Wild Card function that allows you to create your ideas and anonymously insert them into your partner's question bank.
  • Now allows partners to use Kindu on separate devices.

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“Kindu: This one is for the NSFW moments. Kindu offers up romantic scenarios and role-play suggestions for couples. Going through them together, you can select yes, no or maybe to the ideas, and find out what your partner is secretly interested in. It's great for conversations that might be too uncomfortable to have out loud."

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“Kindu helps you to communicate openly about your deepest desires while eliminating the fear of embarrassment.”

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